Private Therapy Toronto

Let’s Go. It’s Time.

Time to consciously create your life from a place of presence and joy instead of replicating a life from painful experiences trapped in the past.

Using neuroscience, psychedelics and spirituality you can heal your past to create your present.

There is a path……There is a way……

The following is what I offer:

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The Impatient Blog Series

“Talk Therapy Isn’t Enough: A Psychotherapist’s Personal Transformation Through Neuroscience, Psychedelics and Spirituality”

Available June 15th Are you ready to move out of a life of chaos and into one of connection and presence?
Author and psychotherapist Natasha Senra-Pereira was married, had two beautiful children and a thriving career in mental health – she was also miserable and sick of herself and the way she experienced relationships.

Don’t Miss a Note from Natasha