“Talk Therapy Isn’t Enough: A Psychotherapist’s Personal Transformation Through Neuroscience, Psychedelics and Spirituality”

Available June 1st. Are you ready to move out of a life of chaos and into one of connection and presence?
Author and psychotherapist Natasha Senra-Pereira was married, had two beautiful children and a thriving career in mental health – she was also miserable and sick of herself and the way she experienced relationships.

After a messy divorce and half her life in talk therapy without much benefit, she finally woke up to reality, that she was the common thread in her misery, which then set her on a path of change and empowerment.

In her debut book, she provides a blueprint through her personal story of trauma and healing and how the fields of neuroscience, psychedelics, and spirituality are essential for true transformation and creating a life of authenticity, connection, and joy. Written from a place of heartbreaking honesty, hope, and humor, Natasha expertly guides you through the application of these emerging fields of practice.

Inside these pages you’ll learn how to: