Year End

I’ve been reflecting on what to share with you this week and each time I check in with myself, it’s quiet. I’ve been checking in every day and each time it’s the same, quiet.

So, I’ll listen. I’ll rest.

As this is the final newsletter for 2021, I’d like to express gratitude to each of you for following along these last few months. I’ve enjoyed sharing my experiences and teachings with you and I appreciate your emails telling me how much they are resonating for you and your families.

I’m excited for what’s to come in the New Year, including the launch of my first book that will be published in the Spring of 2022 by the amazing team at Modern Wisdom Press.

The working title is
From Chaos to Consciousness:
A Personal Path to Transformation through Neuroscience, Psychedelics and Spirituality.

There are a lot of books out there on personal growth and wellness, but in my opinion, they don’t adequately share the reality of healing (it’s messy, not linear) and we need to expand past the limitations of traditional psychotherapy.

My hope for the book is that it wakes people up to the truth of our suffering (we’re unconsciously the cause of it) and brings the awareness that each of us has the ability to heal and become conscious creators of our experiences and lives—even those of us born into chaos and abuse.

I’m very proud to share it with you and will be back with more details and newsletters in the New Year.

For now, I wish you and your loved ones a peaceful holiday season.


Natasha Senra-Pereira

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